What’s Good for Nature is Good for the Economy

What if we could create a new incentive that pays for environmental benefits or outcomes that are important for human well-being? There is a group of leading environmental organizations doing just that along the Mokelumne River Watershed in California.

Environmental Defense Fund, Sustainable Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Nevada Conservancy and others are collaborating to develop tools to measure the environmental outcomes  of restoration.

More abundant plant life along a river, for example, could lead to healthier salmon populations. It goes to reason that as industry benefits from more, healthier fish they will pay for improvements. The core group will seek public and private investors once certain of the tools to measure the environmental benefits.

Canogle is very excited to be working with the group to publish information about efforts to restore and protect this important watershed.

Water doesn't come from the tap.

The Mokelumne River is essential to the health of the entire San Francisco Bay Area and a part of the vast Sierra Nevada system that supplies 60% of California’s water. It journeys from the Sierra Crest through forests, mountain meadows, and tributaries and streams, through the delta and into the San Francisco Bay, providing water for 700,000 acres of farmland in the Central Valley, 1.3 million people in the East Bay; and hydroelectric power to 215,000 homes. Over 300 species of mammals, amphibians, and birds make their homes in the watershed, each integral to the whole health of the ecosystem.

Our mission is to get critical information like this into the hands of everyday people via their handheld devices, and to inspire broader stewardship of the earth.

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