Taking Off in 2012

I’ve never been much for writing, but I’m moved by our New Year-New Website milestone to share a bit about this journey we’re on. It all started with a hunch, the idea that if the everyday person developed a stronger relationship to the natural environment he would be more likely to take care of it. We’ve since set out to create a new generation of earth stewards by developing the technology to make it easier, more entertaining, and rewarding for people to learn about the unique characteristics and treasures around them, whether found along a park trail or while walking in the neighborhood.

We asked ourselves, what would it be like if more of us experienced nature “like a local”? What if we knew more about the other life forms that share this blue-green planet with us? We are on a mission to find out.

Of course we’re not the first to think in this way, which is great news. We’re fortunate to be working with fellow citizens who take care of our parks and open spaces every single day. They are the people at land trusts, park district offices, environmental organizations and place-based business. As passionate and committed stewards of the planet, they help keep our world vibrant and verdant and through a practice called interpretation have been connecting people to places for a long time. The National Parks Service defines interpretation as “providing each visitor with an opportunity to personally connect with a place”. It is truly an art and we’re committed that it be widely appreciate as such.

Canogle is the first large-scale web technology platform that organizations and others may use to publish interpretive content and “push” it directly to their audience members via mobile devices. We call it geographic content, or geocontent, defined as information that is valuable to an audience based on their precise location. It includes articles, audio, video, illustrations and more, to illuminate that point of interest by various writers, videographers, photographers, and artists.

Our success will be measured by how much good will we engender in our customers. We are committed to providing solutions that are so valuable to them that they cannot stop talking about us, causing a ripple effect of steward-making.

Here’s to an amazing ride!

Arthur Bart-Williams, January 2012

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